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im a good girlfriend… but im no wife,

im still growing, i learned how to be a good girl but im not ready to learn how to be a good wife until i finish learning how to get doe for when you leave that good wife with two kids because you chose to take her when she was young now she’s stressed loosin her cool & youre not loosing testosterone 

i wanna be ready, for anything. what if one day you workin and something goes wrong, car accident that just didn’t take you away now your paralyzed…. what would we do? continue. because i’ve always worked. now i got the money to pay the bills while i take care of your for the rest of our lives because thats the type of person i am..

pittsburg showed me a.l.l… the possibilities life throws at us, the innocent and the evil. no one is favorited. God hits us equally, so i’m just preparing.

like he told me too..