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when you call me your moon 

when you give me light every day

your moon & stars

they thank you for giving up your reign every night to let them shine 

you’re a psychopath

radical tattoos

tucked in shirts

you act so insane 

& i crave you so much

i’m genuinely a nice person.

maybe at times, i get very irritated with mankind & our enclosed thinking. that’s when i sound like a total arrogant b.i.t.c.h 

but even during my rants, sarcasm, annoyingness whatever you wanna call it, I’m ALWAYS still approachable.. right? it never sounds like it.. but i try my best never to be mean to the people who don’t deserve it. it usually goes well. 

i try my best to show them who i can be, & if questions need answers i try my all to give the best response. 

I guess you can say i have two sides to my personality„„ & i’m not afraid to show both of them. which one you see depends on how you approach me. 

im really nice :c

sigh~~ u__u

I keep having anxiety attacks :< now I have to sleep in the living room with all the windows open.. Barely helping. It’s like wanna be stuck in a confined room with allergies floating or wanna be left in an open environment with allergies floating. at least it’s cold.. And I can watch family guy from a big screen rather than a mini hello kitty tv.

i find nipple piercings cute. >____> like i want them when im older.

now saving up for;

_2nd ear

(cartilage i’ll do myself haha)

_nose piercing 

_first tattoo

_second tattoo


_nipple piercings… canibein-shapefirstdoe

in a room full of people & all i see is you.

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i’m so baked. now i’m studying…. my magic cards lol. but i will be taking a look at.. clothes online. haha no but im actually going to take time studying my… new drawing techniques. ok ok then i’ll study for chem.